Slope towards: west-southwest

Steep slate slopes with a stone content of 90% and a dominance of blue slate.

The ungrafted vines are 60-70 years old.

From this vineyard you´ll find dominant, sparse, crispy Rieslings as they are unique in the world.

Especially in the summer at midday there are temperatures around 40-50° Celsius.

The Eisbruch® (translation: Ice break) is a single vineyard that has been in the possession of the wineestate for generations.

The Eisbruch® has a so-called Monorackbahn (monorail train) for grape transport down the vineyard.


The name Eisbruch® originated as follows: in particularly cold years, in which the Mosel is frozen (which only very rarely happens nowadays due to climatic changes) the ice of the Mosel breaks at exactly the point where the vineyard is located. You´ll also find large rock formations where huge icicles will come out of, break and fall down very noisily in these very cold years. Therefore, the people in former times called this vineyard Eisbruch®. Since 2008, the name of the vineyard is a registered trademark.