The Bridge is an idea with which Daniel Immich surprised his U.S. partners and friends Olga & Barnaby Tuttle of The Teutonic Wine Company in 2012. The idea behind it: to intensify their close friendship and partnership. 

The Bridge is a blend of 50% German and 50% American Riesling. A total of 1000 liters! No attempts have been carried out in advance. Both wines, exactly 500 liters each, were equally mixed. 

The German part: 2012 Enkircher Eisbruch® Riesling Dry, wild fermented in stainless steel tanks, no enzymes or other artificial additives, only normal sulfur transfer for preservation. 

The vines in this vineyard are between 50 and 70 years old and partly ungrafted. 

The American Part: 2012 Riesling Dry - Crow Valley Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon - wild fermented in old oak barrels, no enzymes or other artificial additives, only normal sulfur transfer for preservation. The US wine has been on the lees for 12 months without stirring it. 30 year old vines. 

A wine travels around the world

How did the German wine come to the USA? In a tank? No. As a means of transportation the shipping company only offered a plastic tank which seemed too risky for Daniel Immich. So in May 2012 he decided to fill the 500 liters in 1 liter Schlegel bottles (with screw cap) to send the wine to the Teutonic Wine Company in December 2012. No additional costs were spared to get the wine over to the US. The wine was opened by Barnaby and blended with his wine. 

Many thanks go out to Barnaby's sister, who helped to open the 500 bottles! 

The label 

The label shows the St. John's Bridge in Portland, which is definitely the most beautiful bridge in Portland. 

Other steps had to be taken care of when the wine arrived in the USA. The US officials did not allow to list the grape variety and the vintage. Furthermore, neither the concepts of Oregon or Mosel, Germany or United States were allowed. They only allowed to label the wine as "white wine - grown in American and German soils." 

Apparently they did not really know how to classify such a wine - or were they just afraid of something new? 

The 2012 Bridge Wine was sold out within four weeks.

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